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A Perfect Reason Filter, Meet Filter X1! A must-have filter for every Reason Producer!

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A Perfect Reason Filter - Filter X1

Filter X1 is the perfect hands-on filter for Reason. Along with superb sound processing, it packs three Studio-grade Digital Filters with Interactive Display Control and the standard knob controls for each filter
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Three Filters with Eight Modes Each!

Filter X1 packs three filter modules and each module is a multi-mode filter with 8 filter types. It’s just the right amount to quickly shape the perfect curve.

Fast, precise and professional!

The advantage of Filter X1, aside from having premium quality filter modules, is the interactive display which lets you control both frequency and resonance at the same time, with one stroke, thus quickly achieving your desired sound effect. Horizontal movements across the display control the frequency, and vertical movements control the resonance.

8 Types of Filters, all Reason Native

As opposed to VSTs which require opening a popup window, Filter X1 is there, in the rack, ready for use! Each of the three filter modules are multi-mode filters with 8 professionally engineered types of filters including Low Pass 12, 24 and +, Band Pass 6, High Pass 12 and +, and COMB+ and COMB- filters.

Multifunctional Display

Three dedicated views – display modes

The graphic approximation display offers three different display modes (or views). It can display the Final Filter Curve, meaning the combination of the curves of all three filters, with individual filter curves in the background. It can highlight the active filter curve and show the other curves in the background OR it can display ONLY the active filter curve. The right view can help you focus on exactly what you need. Filters each have different colors, and every filter has the control “circle” – a control which controls frequency and resonance of the active filter simultaneously. You can switch between active filters by using the navigation at the top of the screen. Next to the control circle, X1 displays the values for frequency and resonance, these values can be toggled ON and OFF. And the display also has a volume meter which follows the filter curve.

Additional Perks


Just before the final output, we’ve put a handy limiter so you wouldn’t send extreme changes to the mix channel. This helps you keep the output safe even if you go heavy on the resonance.

Full CV Control

To make things interesting for the advanced users, we’ve added full CV support for each filter and, by connecting LFOs to X1 filter modules, you’ll quickly achieve interesting modulations.

Dry/wet Mix

And finaly, there is the standard dry/wet MIX fader which will help you quickly transition from your filter effect to the initial sound and back.

Grab your copy of Filter X1 and start tweaking!

And experience your new favorite Reason Filter

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