Mutation Collider RE

Collide Audio Signals in 3 Dimensions with Never Before Seen Interface

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Sound Mix of the Future

Mix sounds the way you feel in 2D/3D, in real-time!

Mutation Collider Rack Extension is an innovative and creative device which lets you collide 4 audio signals and take control over the mix in a way never seen before.

You will quickly reach new levels of organic sound with a feel of connection to the music you are creating. With our revolutionary Collider UI, you will instantly handle mixing on a level simply unachievable with conventional methods.

The free-gesture mix will let you control 4 volumes with a single swipe on a two-dimensional space and 2 dedicated LFOs will let you open the third dimension of signal mixing.

Along with our revolutionary LFX LFOs – free draw LFOs, Mutation Collider is equipped with studio grade Stereo Imager, Multi-Mode D1 Digital Filters, RX-5 Compressor, Limiter and a dedicated Mix section. All the tools you need to get your creativity to the max!

Mutation Collider Components

Along with its revolutionary Mixer Core, you get 8 Additional Effects including Stereo Imager, Multi-mode Filters, LFOs, Compressor, Limiter, Maximizer, Channel Controls and Kill-style/DJ-style Mixers.

Revolutionary Collision Mixer Core

Collision Core is the essence of Mutation Collider. It lets you collide 4 audio signals, specifically, control the levels of 4 separate signals with one control in real-time over a 2D plain and thus making possible a type of mix which cannot be achieved with conventional faders. The organic and “Real” feel of the control over the mix is felt as soon as you start using the device. The dedicated display gives a visual feedback of the mix and the mix indicator lets you control the mix in real-time with gestures and take control over the mix in a way never seen before. With our revolutionary Collider UI, you will instantly handle mixing on a level simply unachievable with conventional methods.

Transfer YOUR Moves to the Mix!

With this type of mix control you can simply glide and draw freely across the sound canvas and let your inspiration and intuition guide you without technical interruption, which is the point! With Mutation Collider you are one giant step closer to truly creating your music exactly as you imagined it. You will literally transfer your moves to the mix!

Stereo Imager

Mutation Collider comes equipped with state of the art Stereo Imager which increases its value tremendously. The Stereo Image can be monitored on the Stereo Imager Mini-Display, under the main Collision Display.

Channel Control

Each Channel Comes Equipped with standard controls including Gain, Pan, Mute and Solo. It also has the Volume Lock option which “locks” the signal at a desired volume and gives you even more control over the final mix.

Make it Your Own

You can choose any color you want for each source by using the RGB (red, green & blue) knobs and the color will be applied to the main display. You can also name each source so you’ll always stay on top of your input signals.

Freq-Splitting Mix Control

The Mix Control will let you quickly and precisely arrange your sounds in the mix across the EQ spectrum. With intuitive controls and kill buttons, you have the complete control over all signals and the final mix. Each signal has its own dedicated DJ-style / Kill-style mixer with professional grade, high precision frequency-splitting crossovers. The final combined output is sent to another mixer of this type, the main output Mixer.


Enter the Third Dimension

If you haven’t used our LFX free-draw LFO, you’re in for another huge surprise. LFX is a revolutionary LFO module, with total LFO control, with which you can free-draw your own LFO waves in seconds! The X and Y LFOs open up a third dimension because each LFO modulates all four signals within our proprietary algorithm. One LFO modulates the mix indicator’s position along the x-axis (horizontal) and the second LFO controls the position along the y-axis (vertical). The modulations are represented as the three-dimensional movements on the main display, and you still keep the direct control over the mix while LFOs modulate it in the background in real-time. The LFX Is additionally armed with real-time analyzers for both LFOs, this lets you see how deep your mods are, and a free-draw LFO signal curve graphic interface lets you instantly draw unlimited number of curves. 

Creative & Studio Controls

Finally, Mutation Collider comes with studio-grade Filters, Compressor and Limiter/Maximizer.

D1 Digital Filters

Top-Notch Multi-Mode D1 Digital Filters including Low Pass 12, Low Pass 24, Low Pass +, Band Pass 6, High Pass 12, High Pass +, Comb+, Comb- and State Variable Filter with incredible sound!

RX-5 Compressor

Studio-grade Compressor. RX-5 Compressor displays IN/OUT levels as well as gain reduction level and our compression algorithm produces a rich and warm, full and rounded sound.

Limiter / Maximizer

CPU-friendly limiter with 3 modes: Soft, Hard and Clip and a professional maximizer will let you get the maximum out of the final mix. 

Hello CV, The flip-side!

Full CV Control

Some of you never flip the rack and couldn’t care less about CV, but this is for the guys who like to dive deep into Reason’s capabilities. Collider lets you have complete CV control over its most important properties. For each input, you can control Pan and Low, Mid and High Levels. In addition, you can control the LFO Rate and Phase for both LFOS as well as Cutoff Frequency and Resonance for both Filters. This will enable the most dedicated producers to add those finishing touches that only pros know about as well as to full creativity mode and test Mutation Collider to its limits. Happy tweaking!

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