LFX-XP Advanced LFO

So much more than an LFO, think if it as your Creative Controller Secret Weapon! LFX-XP Is an innovative free-draw LFO built on our own revolutionary LFX architecture.

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Your New Creative Controller is Here

LFX-XP Advanced LFO is a revolutionary LFO module with total LFO control, free-draw display and patterns for custom LFO waves! If not the best Reason LFO, it’s certainly pushing the limits of creativity.

For those not acquainted with LFOs, you know how to turn a (e.g.) filter freq knob, right? Well, an LFO can turn it for you, and LFX-XP can turn it for you in such powerful ways that you’ll instantly get awesome, innovative and usable real-life effects. It’s specialty is quickly achieved rhythmic and creative modulation which can be built upon, managed and kept interesting with pattern controls.

Powerful, usable Effects in Minutes!

In essence, LFX-XP lets you hook onto any device and creatively modulate it on a super-easy to use UI with super-powerful results. The intuitive UI and ease of control will open the CV path for you like never before.

Ahead of the Competition

In most LFOs, there are a few modulation types and that’s it. With LFX-XP, you are free to Draw Your Own Modulation Waves! And when you throw a pattern capability on top of that, your live act game will jump a level or two with a new secret weapon in your creative controller arsenal.

Open your CV Modulation Eyes

With LFX-XP, there are no more obstacles to jump in the CV game. We understand the producers who had trouble understanding the back of the rack. But now, you will literally see what you are doing with every interaction presented visually.

Easiest to use? Yes! Super Powerful? Yes!

With free-draw LFX approach, you’ll instantly transfer your feel to the modulation. It’s as easy as drawing in the first grade. And with pattern control you’ll go from walk to sprint in seconds, building on your own creations fast like never before. And once you start combining a couple of well-thought out patterns, your track will go on fire!

Free-draw LFX Display

Revolutionary LFX Architecture with advanced visual presentation

At the core of LFX-XP is our revolutionary LFX display, the 64-step free-draw display which lets you draw any waveform you want instantly. An approach which will drastically increase your creative workflow and thus the entire creative process. Built for both professionals and beginners, LFX LFO display garners a perfect visual representation of the modulation itself, giving professionals a new level of insights and helping the beginners truly understand how modulation works. LFX combines the power of automation lane with creativity of LFO modulation. It is a hybrid of automation and modulation which improves on both becuause you have HANDS-ON CONTROL OF THE BOTH!

The What and the Who

Powered by

  • Standard LFO modulation waves
  • 64-step, Free-draw Display for drawing Unlimited LFO waves in seconds
  • Note-triggered or MIDI-triggered modulation for Ultimate Control
  • Total LFO Control
  • Awesome UI with Real-time feedback

Perfect for

  • Creating Powerful Effect Quickly!
  • Creative Producers
  • Live Act & Live Performance
  • Pattern Controlled Modulation
  • Bridging the gap between Drawing Automations and Live Acting

CV Setup, the source!

And what would a CV device be without a handsome set of CV features. LFX LFO packs 10 CV outputs and CV inputs for Rate, Start Phase and Depth. So it’s both prepared for sending heavy modulations and more than ready for being modulated. The incoming modulations are visually indicated on the UI, next to parameters being modulated and you can even read exactly what is being modulated on the main display.

Grab your copy of LFX-XP and Draw Your Mods!

And experience your new Creative Controller Secret Weapon!

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